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Let's talk about you for a minute...

You are focused on the core of your business, that thing that sets you apart from your competition. You are busy and don't have the time, or perhaps even the desire, to become a technology expert. In your mind technology is a tool that is helping you succeed. You want things to work and work well. You need someone to not only fix things when they break, but someone to give you solid information and to help you understand your options. You want a partner with Integrity, that you can trust, that talks in plain English and not "Geek speak" and who puts your interests first.

Let's talk about Enots for a minute...

Hello, I'm Nathan the founder of Enots IT Solutions and my passion is helping people. For the past 17 years I have been helping people not only use, but leverage technology.

You will quickly learn that whether I am troubleshooting a problem, coordinating a project or presenting information, I am a methodical person. This shows itself in not only the quality of the work that I do, but also the consistency I deliver in our customer service.

Computers and technology are often key to helping businesses succeed. I also believe that technology for technology sake can be a hindrance. If something isn't a good fit and won't help you in your day to day operations my philosophy is that you don't need or want it.

I believe that good communication is foundational to any relationship, including those in business. Many people give lip service to this idea, but then they don't walk the talk. For example, if you have to ask me for the status of a project I have not done an adequate job communicating. My goal is to make sure that on any given project together the status and expectations of that project are understood at all times. My business is our relationship!



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